Top 10 GPS Tracking Apps for iPhone

Top 10 GPS Tracking Apps for iPhone

List of Top 10 GPS Tracking Apps for iPhone

List of Top 10 GPS Tracking Apps for iPhone
List of Top 10 GPS Tracking Apps for iPhone

Besides being concerned about your nearest and dearest, monitoring programs can do you a fantastic job in situations in which you’ve lost your iPhone or when stolen. GPS is a system that helps to monitor the location of a lost device. You simply need to set up the program to your device and it becomes exceptionally easy to track that apparatus. These are the best 10 GPS tracking apps for iPhone you can use on your own iOS devices.

– Part 1. Top 10 GPS Tracking Apps for iPhone
– Part 2. Recommendation – The Best Tool to Remotely Track iPhone Activities
– Part 3. [Tips] How to Block GPS Tracking on iPhone

Part 1. Top 10 GPS Tracking Apps for iPhone

Part 1. Top 10 GPS Tracking Apps for iPhone
Part 1. Top 10 GPS Tracking Apps for iPhone

1) FreePhoneSpy

This GPS tracking app is excellent for concerned parents who wish to monitor the whereabouts of each family member. This app works by keeping tabs on the target device owner, which makes it effortless to know their steps. You however need to acquire consent from the owner that you start tracking. This app is compatible with all the newest iPhone devices, iTouch and iPads.


You may use it to monitor every member of the family.
It’s not hard to install.
It has a user friendly interface.


You need permission from the target device owner in order to start tracking.

2) Geo Tracker

This GPS tracking app for iPhone functions in a flexible way. It will permit you to pinpoint the position of the target device at any moment. This app combines the strong GPS performance of this iPhone with internet mapping that will help you allocate your apparatus as quickly as possible. This app works with both the Android and iOS devices such as iPhone 5/5C/6/8/10 and iOS 11.


It is able to record all the happenings in the backdrop.
It is quite accurate in place.


It is sometimes affected by the surrounding weather.

3) Mobicip

This iPhone GPS tracker program works in a wise way. It’s the middle school level which may block online activities like gaming and dating sites. You can even utilize the high school level to block sexual contents on the target device. This program works nicely for all iOS apparatus such as iPad, iPod Touch and all iPhones.


It is not hard to install.
It’s possible to track in real time.


You will need subscription for every device that you will need to track.

4) Glympse

This program runs in real time and supports place sharing with no needed any downloads. It’s compatible with iPhone 5/5C/6/8/10 and iOS 11, iPad along with iTouch devices.


No download is required.
You do not need to sign up.
It offers real time navigational abilities.


It is not compatible with some operating systems such as BlackBerry devices.

5) Phone Sheriff

This is another gps tracking app for iPhone that allows you the whereabouts of your loved ones. It operates by assisting you to track the location of the target device via its GPS functionality. It is compatible with Android apparatus and all iOS apparatus, making is suitable for your latest iPhone version.


Ability to receive instant notifications in the event the target device owner attempts to tamper with this machine.
You can allow time limit controls.
It’s easy to navigate via the system.


It doesn’t contain a key logging attribute.

6) TrackerGPS Mobile

This really is a multitasking program that you could use for your iPhone or your car. It comes with a real time update feature which allows you stored at level with all the phenomena of this target device proprietor. It grants you the option to create milestones on the map and send orders as well. This program is compatible with all the latest iPhone devices including iOS 11.


It comprises of an information platform necessary for recovery of location information.
It provides you with real time monitoring ability.
A simple tap on the screen lets you monitor the location of your iPhone or car machines.


It’s expensive as compared to its peers.

7) My Family GPS Tracker

This app allows you to track the moves of your family provided that they have an activated telephone. You are also able to tune in the app as per your taste with the customizable attribute.


You can easily share the positioning of your Relatives inside its sharing platform
The actual time feature lets you monitor the target device easily.
Ability to encourage end to end communication.
It’s possible to enjoy its own free version prior to purchasing it.


It doesn’t have comprehensive features.
Its VoIP connections may get stalled without you understanding.

8) Lassy Project

This is the perfect app is you are looking for a missing kid. It provides free solutions and is ideal for finding a missing one within the shortest time possible. All you will need is to push a button then text alerts will be sent to most of the responsive persons that will in turn begin the search for your lost kid as soon as possible. Lassy Project can be used with a few Android devices and iOS apparatus, including iOS 11.


It’ll show the child’s image making it Simple to carry out the search
It gives no cost support to parents that want to monitor on their lost kids.


There are no monthly subscription choices with only yearly obligations.
The requirement to form a network group for the search.

9) MapQuest

This GPS tracking app for iPhone comes with an up to date reside vector map to help you allocate your device. Additionally, it gives you the option to share your ETA with friends and family . This program is compatible with iPod Touch, iPad, iPhones variant 8/8.1/10 and iOS 11 apparatus.


You can use this program to search for regions of interests such as resorts.
It’s detailed features.
It allows you to know the whereabouts of your kids in real time form.


It simply works on iOS platforms, it requires iOS 8.0 or later versions.

10) Cell Phone GPS Tracker

This app works by letting you share the positioning of your phone with designated users. It works in real time thereby allowing you track the target device owner within the shortest time. It includes a powerful memory that lets you save your monitoring history. It’s compatible with many iOS devices such as iPad, iPod Touch and the hottest iPhone devices.


It’s effective at conserving the battery electricity by running in the background.
It’s not hard to operate.
It also enables you to share your phone’s place with others.


It is not compatible with some operating systems like BlackBerry devices.

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Recommendation: The Best Tool to Remotely Track iPhone Activities

FreePhoneSpy is the most reliable iPhone monitoring tool which allows you track data in real time. You do not need to jailbreak or install any program in your iPhone for this software to operate. This app is easy to operate and its strong spy features lets you monitor all of the actions of the target device. You can monitor it both out of your phone and pc.

Why We Recommend This Tool to Remotely Track iPhone Activities:

Programs: FreePhoneSpy enables you to track all installed apps on the target device. In addition, it lets you get the downloaded pictures videos and movies in your target device.
Text Contacts and Messages: This program lets you read all received and sent messages of the target device.
Multimedia Data: Capability to test all of the downloaded videos and photos on the target device.
Browser History: It is also possible to see all browsing tasks of the target device.
24 Hour Support: The technical team is prepared to offer support to users through emails and live chats any moment.

Part 3. [Tips] How to Block GPS Tracking on iPhone

However the capability to monitor your iPhone is a fantastic concept, the majority of individuals are not for it. If you fall within this class, there is a way out to disable the gps tracking feature from the iPhone. This move will in turn stop applications from determining your location. Follow the following steps to block gps tracking on you iPhone.

Step 1. Enter Your Passcode

Press the”home” button on your iPhone to get started.

Step 2. Tap”Settings” and”Location services”

Go to services and click “Preferences”. This ought to be available at the bottom panel of the display.

Step 3. Location Services

Ensure the field reveals”Away” for this to disable the GPS monitoring abilities.

Step 4. Block GPS Tracking on iPhone

Exit by pressing the”house” button. Remember you can decide to permit the GPS monitoring abilities whenever you would like to, by shifting”On” on the location services.


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